FT 44

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Steam Trap Model: FT 44

Carbon Steel Ball Float Steam Trap with thermostatic air vent


Catalog (FF 44)
Manual (TD 46-1 CMT)

The FT 44-20 is a carbon steel, Ball Float steam trap that has been designed for various capacities and applications up to 40 barG based on the different density between steam and condensate. Also a thermostatic element insures safe Air vent. As standard the unit is available with either screwed, socket welded or flanged connections.


① Condensate discharge at steam temparature
② Continuous discharge of condensate
③ Corrosion resistant exterior surface
④ Simple and reliable construction
⑤ Suitable on superheated steam.
⑥ Fast and safe air vent

3Dimensions & Weight
4Pressure-Temperature Allowance

1. This graph is based on ASME standards on pressure-temperature working conditions for ASTM A216 WCB Material.

5Discharge Capacity

1. Differential pressure is the difference between the upstream and downstream Pressure of the trap.


1:Maximum pressure that the shell of the steam trap can withstand permanently at a given temperature.

2:Maximum temperature which the shell of the steam trap can be raised permanently at a given pressure.

NOTE To avoid abnormal operation, accidents or serious injury, DO NOT use this product outside of the specification range.


(s):able to be substituted

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