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1:Maximum pressure that the shell of the steam trap can withstand permanently at a given temperature.

2:Maximum temperature which the shell of the steam trap can be raised permanently at a given pressure.

NOTE To avoid abnormal operation, accidents or serious injury, DO NOT use this product outside of the specification range.


(s):able to be substituted

(r): repairable Replaceable Module (including 2,3,4,5,6,7) is also available.

Steam Trap Model: TD 46-1 CMT

Carbon Steel Thermodynamic Steam Trap with Maintainable Seat and Thermostatic Air Vent


Catalog (TD 46-1 CMT)

PARTACO Thermodynamic Mannual


The TD 46-1 CMT is a carbon steel, thermodynamic steam trap that has been particularly designed for various capacities and applications up to 46 barg. As standard the unit is available with either screwed, socket weld or flanged connections.


① Inline replaceable valve module.
② Air jacketing reduces no-load cycling.
③ Built-in screen for trouble-free service.
④ Hardened stainless steel working surfaces.
⑤ Bimetal ring provides fast thermostatic air venting.
⑥ Coated exterior surface with a standard method to prevent corrosion.

3Dimensions & Weight

* Flange Weight of the traps are based on ASME B16.5 for class 600.

4Pressure-Temperature Allowance

1. This graph is based on ASME standards on pressure-temperature working conditions for A105 Material.

5Discharge Capacity

1. Differential pressure is the difference between the upstream and downstream Pressure of the trap.

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