Partaco’s Story

Partaco is a place for advancement of industrial and engineering aims. Our duty starts from the process of recognizing the needs and questioning, continues with programing, designing, manufacturing and testing the products, so that you can trust and use the results of this hard work. Partaco productions are utilized in oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant Industries in all around the world.

Whats “Partaco” ?

Paydar Energy Padideh Partak
Under of “Partaco” brand

Our prophecy in such enormous industries like gas, oil and power plant resulted a continuous loyalty to these three principles:

Optimal in Design : Designing performed in all components according to their optimality. Our experts , besides varied aspects of dominating a product optimality , control other dimensions such as being affordable , environmental friendly issue etc. Their purpose is an absolute products presentation with calculating all situations.

Pioneer in Industry :Partaco is such a company that entries in tough ways and unsolved issues without any dismay. Its experience in these years makes this company able to utilize necessary instruments in industrial topics to estimating demands of managers , engineers art, staff attempts with presentation of a product.

Stable in Energy : Energy stability in engineering science means reaching to a level of energy that components are in lowest level of entropy. Although energy stability as a principle in Partaco signifies reaching desirable level of optimality in and getting most beneficial type of energy in the right time and place. For instance if Partaco’s apostolate was blessing a desert left man , all of the capability of the company expended on giving him water not having him dollars as a meal . In summary, Partaco is result of reaching its customer’s heartfelt trust.

What is the purpose of Partaco foundation?

Paydar Energy Padideh Partak
Under of “Partaco” brand

Many objects can be mentioned to respond to this question ; The first, scholarly affirmation of our leader along the importance of manufacture . Demands on a parent industry like gas and oil , was the second reason to this motion .

In the other hand, responding some recent issues, resulted progress of our youth in science and technology . In addition, currency outflow cussed by supplying equipment, was the other challenge that made Partaco potentially powerful for solving this problem.

You can ask all of your questions about Partaco productions, ordering process etc. to our experts .

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